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Here I showcase some of the projects and assets I was involved in working on during my time as a UX, UI designer, graphics designer and software engineer with LSL Labs (Southampton), LetoLabs Ltd (London), HP/HPE (Cambridge), Microfocus (Cambridge), as well as my own spare time.

PS: Have a look at the process I was following throughout most of these. 

Compliance, Investigative analytics, Early Case Analysis

World's largest private cloud, serving many of Micro Focus' clients for the purposes of compliance and investigative analytics. Below are some of the examples of wireframes, prototypes and assets of this projects.  

DIGITAL SAFE (2017-2018)

Big Data processing and analytics

Artificial Intelligence powered search and knowledge discovery for text, video, image and audio data. It is powered by IDOL, which is a world leading unstructured data analytics engine. 

Below I show case some of the wireframes, prototypes and screenshots of project I have worked on following the requirements and usability testing. 


Big Data administration and analytics


Micro Focus' IDOL server system normally provides users with some search a list of related documents in response to user queries. In IDOL's Answer Bank system, queries are questions, and the server returns answers. Answer Bank contains a store of reference questions and answers, which users with admin privileges can add, edit and augment. When a end user asks a question, the Answer Bank queries the store of existing questions for any that match, and returns the relevant answers.

Below I showcase some of the work I have wireframed, prototyped and implemented on the project.

Big Data processing and analytics


Micro Focus' Search Optimiser tool is a search augmentation and analysing console for data administrator users. It allows them to uncover the latest trends, patterns and relationships from broadcasts, social media, websites, and virtually any open source of video, image, audio and text data with Artificial Intelligence. It is powered by Micro Focus' IDOL server.

Below are some of the examples of my graphical and implementation work on the console.